Friday, October 20, 2017

I am currently living in Ireland and I really love acting. Would it be possible to get a manager from America for acting?

By Alan Chenkin, Videographer who enjoys the Arts.

If you have your heart set on stage acting, yes. Consider that you have better chances of landing a manager and work if you are in the USA. Can you interview and line up a manager? Yes, but as Jackie Frost said, it can be difficult to compete for a US job if you are not here. But that does not mean it can’t be done!
If you have a timeline to get to the States, line up a manager, make YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn profiles (be sure to highlight your availability), and leverage the social media to get exposure and leads for jobs. While that may not get you work right away, it will get you “out there”. Also read the trades from the cities you want to work in; lots of projects get delayed, make sure they have your info.
Break a leg!

Is Tesla making a Supercar?

OK, we need to lighten the load on Elon Musk; the Tesla is already (In my humble opinion) a Supercar. Before he got into the business, most electric cars were based on Golf Carts. Does he need to build a car in permanent insanity/super-ludicrous mode?
I, for one, would love to see it - BUT - It would be even more exciting if some sharp race car drivers (see Why Bill Nye thinks NASCAR should go electric) start putting really hot Tesla-based supercars on the track.
Just in case you are not sure the Tesla is in supercar territory, read 10 Supercars the Tesla P100D Could Embarrass at the Track from Cheatsheet.
Even a few well funded car enthusiasts could start taking a basic Tesla frame and start pumping out high-performance cars with features, software, and more that can give the Maybachs and their ilk a serious electric competitor. Or maybe one of the supercar companies can put their ego’s on pause and use a Tesla as their chassis. Now that would be hot, and Tesla would most likely embrace a partner making the foray into really high end cars.
Here is an article from Business Insider: Why Tesla's newest release isn’t really a hypercar - and they call out Tesla to build a “Proper” supercar.
Let me call it what it is - These talking heads and critics are armchair wimps that don’t have the proper vision to build the supercar they are asking for. They want Elon Musk and the Tesla team to do all the heavy lifting, so they can compare it to Bugattis and Maseratis.
So there is my opinion - If I had some serious petty cash laying around, I would be funding the Tesla/Chenkin supercar , and laugh all the way to the bank as the competitors and talking heads rant about how it can’t be done, watching my tail-lights fade as I calmly leave them in the dust.

What is the best carpentry toolbelt?

By Alan Chenkin, Owned a Cabinet shop for 10 years, and was an AWI Member.  Still Swings a hammer (usually an Estwing)

There is no best belt. But you have options, depending on the work you do. My personal favorite is my leather Craftsman belt, with multiple pouches, tape measure and hammer loop.
10 POCKET OIL TANNED LEATHER TOOL APRON(BELT) I use it for basic to heavy carpentry projects. I have never used shoulder supports, because I try not to load it up with too much - just basic hand tools, changing them out for different jobs. It sits in my trunk, ready to go.
I also carry a nylon rig; good for siding and roofing, it sits in a toolbox most of the time, and hardly gets used unless I have a big project - roof, shed, certain siding work. It has larger nail pockets than my leather bag. (And yes, I use more pneumatic nails than plain old nails).
Those two are just for field work; I also do a lot in the shop, where most tools are nearby and you just need to hold the basics and keep sawdust off you. So I have these:
Grizzly H2922 Carpenter's Bib Apron (And yes, the pockets get filled with wood shavings and I do vacuum them out).
Bucket Boss Bucket Boss 80100 Duckwear SuperWaist Apron (Holds your tape measure, pencils, small hand tools and parts)
Here are some opinions from the web:
How To Choose A Tool Belt - A Concord Carpenter
Carpenter Tool Belt - Pinterest
To sum it up, the best tool belt is one that suits YOUR purposes. It should be built well, with solid rivets/stitching/etc. It should be comfortable, and have the right number of pockets and places to keep your tools handy. Ask your pals, try them on in the big box store, and consider ordering on the internet if you need specific features. My heavy nylon bag is configurable - my leather one is not. I also have a basic heavy duty belt and hammer hook, and a single bag - this gives me more mobility than a large two-bag rig.
I hope you find the best bag for you! - Alan

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Do Celebrities Really Drink Alcohol on Talk Shows?

Most directors don’t want to deal with a tipsy celebrity. While we (the audience) are being entertained, the celebrities are WORKING. Plugging products, their latest film/accomplishments/books/etc. Drinking and productive acting work do not go together.
Some celebrities, like Dean Martin, (as an example) had an on-screen persona that had audiences convinced he was perpetually drunk on the set.
“Despite Martin's reputation throughout his career for drinking heavily, Lewis insisted that it was always apple juice in the glass at the piano. It wasn't until Dino died that “Dean let himself go,” he said, and became reclusive and alcoholic. Martindied on Christmas Day 1995.Nov 1, 2005″
“Dean and me, A Love Story.” - By Jerry Lewis. - Available on Amazon

Want to be a Film Critic?

A critic is not about being discovered by celebrities, it’s about publicizing your thoughts and opinions of films and sharing them with your audience/followers/subscribers.
For you to achieve a level of popularity, you need well written reviews that hold the interest of said followers/subscribers.
Maybe this will help:
Keep a critical eye, and learn the basics of good film!
-Alan Chenkin, (Learned about celebrities reading magazines at the supermarket checkout)