Monday, January 22, 2018

How does it feel to be friends of celebrities?

Alan Chenkin, Learned about celebrities reading magazines at the supermarket checkout

If you are fortunate to be a friend to a celebrity, try to be a true and earnest friend; at their core, celebrities need friends, and will distance themselves (if possible) from people who use their access to establish their own brand, or profit from them by selling photos, mementos, and interviews on the tabloids. 
“Being friends with a celebrity is something the majority of people on this planet will never be. That doesn’t make it an accomplishment and it doesn’t mean anything about the person who is friends with a celebrity. It just means they are now in the minority of people that is friends with a celebrity. I am in that group and here to tell the rest of you my experiences of those friendships.”[1]
Don’t be a stalker, but do read: How to Make Friends With Famous People on Wikihow.
And “You might think you've befriended one, but you can never really know them. Like the rich, the famous are a breed apart. You’re not a friend, you're a civilian.”[2]
And when you have your celebrity BFF:
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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Why is there cardboard in my bedroom door?

Alan Chenkin, Carpenter and "how to do it" guy. Making dreams happen with tools....

A door made of solid wood is both heavy and expensive; by using a carboard honeycomb in the door, it is made lighter and less expensive to manufacture.
The bedroom door is an interior door, so there is no insulation, just a wood frame, covered with door skins (thin but ridged plywood sheets), and a cardboard honeycomb to keep the door rigid and resistant to warpage.
BTW, if you are in a rental unit, instead of replacing the door, you can purchase a door skin from a local lumberyard or “big box” store, and glue it over the damaged face of the existing door.  Stanley’s Complete doors and Windows.
Use one of these protectors to prevent the door knob from making a hole in the wall adjacent to the door. (They just stick on, easy to install).
Tapix Door Knob Wall Protector Plate - Will Also Conceal Damaged Walls - 5" - White - 2 Pack
And you can use a door stop too.
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Is naming a startup after its founders a good idea?

Alan Chenkin, Adviser to the International Cyber Accelerator

Name and Brand identity are two concerns you should consider when naming your company.  For example, the Trump brand helped elect a president.
Make sure you get some feedback from your advisors/backers/board/mentors as to what they expect in a name. It can be subjective, like an internet startup, or formal like a law firm (which is usually named after the founders or partners.
It is also important you can get a strong web and social media presence, and check for copyrights so you don’t wind up with the Olympic problem (Here Are the Many, Many Ways Your Business Can Get in Trouble for Tweeting the Olympics).
If you can’t afford a naming consultant, consider the web and books:
If you already are starting to get a following, consider having a contest to name the business.  This can get you free exposure and open your product up to a new community of prospective customers.
Remember, we all know a John Deere is a tractor, and a Ford is a car or truck. Both named after founders.  Look at this list: famous-brands-companies-named-after-people
Best of luck, and post how it worked out!

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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Have more celebs died this year or are we just noticing it more?

Alan Chenkin, Learned about celebrities reading magazines at the supermarket checkout

The world is growing, and the number of celebrities is getting larger. Morbidly put, more celebrities die because we have more of them, and they are subjec to the same pressures as the general population. Not everyone agrees, and Outside the Beltway clearly states it is a statistically higher number.
We have always been consumed by celebrity deaths:

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Why don't the banks buy houses and rent them out instead of providing mortgages for people to buy homes?

Alan Chenkin, President of the "First Bank of Dad"

Surprisingly, many banks do that by outsourcing or selling foreclosed homes to REIT’s (real Estate Investment Trusts). These REIT’s are a specific financial structure that returns a large part of their income to shareholders. When the properties are transferred to REIT’s, they are then charged off the banks’ balance sheet, and belong to the REIT. Banks rent and sell money, and are not allowed to be landlords. This is by federal law, to prevent financial abuse and unfair dealing. The REIT is a good medium for getting rid of the property attached to a defaulted mortgage.
The REIT then fixes up the property, rents it out, works out an arrangement with an existing tenant, and provides for property management. The REIT’s also calculate their break-even, and determine when to sell, or how long to manage the properties.
Real Estate & REIT Modeling 101 - From Mergers and Acquisitions
Books about REITS:
( Note: Banks wind up owning homes through default and need to sell them as per banking laws).
I hope this puts it perspective!

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Friday, January 19, 2018

When making a wood chess board, is it sensible to use dowels between the woods while gluing them?

 Alan Chenkin, Owned a cabinet shop for 10 years, is an avid woodworker.

Dowels are practical and make a lot of sense if you are comfortable with the precision and time necessary to make the dowel joints. In a tournament chess set, the squares are 2″, and each would require sequential assembly with 2 dowels for each side of every square. You can use fewer, but that would give you less surface area for gluing, and less resistance to warp and coming apart.

My preference would be to use splines, which increase the gluing area and are more forgiving than dowels. You will still need to sequentially assemble the chess board, but you can cut the splines and the grooves with a table saw to save a lot of time.

Here is a Primer on Wood Joints: How to Choose the Right Joint for the Job-Start Woodworking website.

Image from Butt woodworking joints reinforced with spline - Craftsman space
Biscuit joints can also be used, but you are adding more time to the assembly, and each hole must be cut individually for the biscuit.
For additional reading, consider “The Joint Book: The Complete Guide to Wood Joinery“, available on Amazon.

All About Spline Joints - FineWoodworking

Spline joint - Reinforcing Woodworking Joints - Table Saw guide

Spline joints are one of my favorite joints. They are fast to fabricate, and do a good job of increasing the glue surface area for optimum strength and durability.

Here is a picture of a chess/dining table that my father built in the 1970’s:

The table is Maple and Walnut, and was refinished by me in 2015. The squares are 2″, and the overall dimension (including frame) is 42″ square.  Here it is, in the Man cave dining room:

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How do you feel about wooden watches?

Alan Chenkin, Member of NAWCC (Nat'l Assoc of Watch and Clock Collectors

When you buy a wooden watch, the wood is in the case and band - and the watch usually has a quartz/metal movement that accurately tells time.
The Jord watches are nice (based on their website - I do not own one at this time), and seem to be smartly fashionable, with name brand movements.
Not all woods are suited for watch cases, as they must hold tolerance in extremes and be resistant to minor scuffing and damage.
I personally feel they are a good purchase for an occasional or dress watch. Amazon carries a lot of wooden watches as well, but look carefully at the specs. wooden watches: Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry
From the web:
Best of luck!

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