Monday, December 18, 2017

Where can I get my coin collection converted into notes?

By Alan Chenkin, Amateur coin collector and hobbyist

I believe you are asking, how can I sell my coins for cash (if Bank Notes = Cash).
You have several options. I would recommend calling in a coin dealer to estimate the value of your coins. some may be valuable, some common, and some just worth their “Smelt”[1] value.
Where to Sell Your Coins - Cointrackers
Selling to a reputable dealer, collector, (or pawn shop) is the fasted route to liquidating your collection for cash. Keep in mind that these buyers are looking for values below market, to reduce their risk and make a profit on the eventual sale; you may be offered between 10 and 70% of the retail value of your coins.
If you have the time and ambition, you can use the internet for valuing your coins, and sell them on your own. Craigslist, EBay, and some of the popular coin sites (forums and for sale sections) are your best options.
There are even books on this topic:
Many public libraries have books on coins and periodicals on prices, that you can access for free.
I buy and sell coins on EBay and from individuals, at estate and yard sales. It’s a fun hobby for me, especially when both parties feel they got a good price! 
You will need to understand coin grading, as there are many valuations for coins based on condition (grade).  Circulated coins (pocket change) is not worth as much as graded and certified “Mint-State” coins.
Best of luck - Please post a response and let us know how you fared!
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Sunday, December 17, 2017

How tall and beautiful you need to be to become a Hollywood actor?

Alan Chenkin, Videographer who enjoys the Arts.

It’s nice to have genetics that give you height and looks, but talent and hard work are the real thing.
Lots of actors are tall and stunning, and are eclipsed by short and talented - Look at Jason Alexander, who had a starring role in Seinfeld:
Embrace who you are, hone your skills, talent attracts people, regardless of your appearance.

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Why is the cost of production of US coins relatively much greater than other currencies?

By Alan Chenkin, Amateur coin collector and hobbyist

US coins are backed by the might and presence of the US government. The US Mint produces all the coins and distributes them through regulated channels, and at high security. The coins (and notes) are minted to be as unique and resistant to copying as possible. As such, many of our minted coins are made of valuable metals vs. cheap alloys. sometimes these metals exceed the value of the coins. Production is in the US, by Federal employees, paid on government pay grade. Private companies and other governments may be able to produce cheaper coins, but these are not backed fully by the US Government…
Penny Manufacture Cost - verified by Snopes
US Coins have a lot of detail (detail = expense) to prevent counterfeiters and criminals from stamping out copies of US Coins.  This extreme attention to detail (like seeing President Lincoln sitting in the Lincoln Memorial) is visible under magnification.  “The Lincoln cent (or sometimes called Lincoln penny) is a one-cent coin that has been struck by the United States Mint since 1909. The obverse or heads side was designed by Victor David Brenner, as was the original reverse.” – From Wikipedia
If the US goes to all this effort to make a penny unique, you can see we take our coinage seriously.  And it is not cheap!

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Saturday, December 16, 2017

How do I make cuts in the middle of plywood without cutting in from one of the edges?

Alan Chenkin, Owned a cabinet shop for 10 years, is an avid woodworker.

If you are only making one of these, for a Frisbee game, then using a jig saw on good plywood is the way to go. However, is you are making multiples, I would strongly recommend using a template (Masonite, 1/2″ plywood, etc.) and a plunge router.

From the Web:
If it is a “one-off”, I have two suggestions; First, use a really good jigsaw that cuts straight with minimum or no blade wobble. (I like this Bosch), and use a hole cutting bit for the rounded corners, like this one:
DEWALT D180005 14 Piece Master Hole Saw Kit - Hole Saw Sets - (FYI, this is a kit, if you just need 1 or 2 sizes, you can buy individual saws and mandrels to save money).
Best of luck with your Frisbee game! (I make killer corn hole boards)

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Will the Oscars still exist in 20 years?

Alan Chenkin, Videographer who enjoys the Arts.

I would take an educated guess that the Oscars will be around for a long time.
The Oscars are chosen by ballot by the members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Membership is by invitation only and was originally extended only to writers, directors, actors, technicians, and producers. This elite club, with a membership of only 6,000 people, selects the nominees and votes on the winners.[1]
Academy Awards - Wikipedia - A detailed overview of the Oscars
All the Oscars: (We Care About) - "Here is a neat little reference book for Oscar fans. It lists the winners and nominees for all the Academy Awards we care about most. This new, expanded edition includes Best Picture, Best Actor, Actress, Supporting Actor, Supporting Actress, Best Director, Best Score, Best Song, Best Visual Effects, Best Animated Film, Best Foreign Language Film, and more, for all eighty-nine years of the Academy’s history, from 1929 to 2017."  Available from Amazon Books.
With Money, Fame, Fortune, and an organized Academy leading the way - the Oscars are an established, working, and visible organization that will endure (I hope) for a long time.
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Friday, December 15, 2017

How can I get super glue off the counter?

Alan Chenkin, Uses glue all the time, for fun and woodworking projects

Two techniques;
First, try rubbing it off with nail polish remover (one that contains acetone).
Second, use a light oil - WD-40 or cooking oil - and use a plastic spatula to carefully scrape the super glue. The oil should lubricate the counter, and keep the spatula from scratching it. Don’t use a lot of force!
Onyx Professional 100% Acetone Nail Polish Remover Removes Artificial Nails, Nail Polish, Gel Polish and Glitter Polish
Acetone is the key ingredient in most nail polish removers. You can also find acetone at your local hardware or paint store. Apply the solvent to a paper towel and place it on the stain until the glue has softened. The softened glue can then be removed with a clean dry towel.[1]

WD-40 Multi-Use Product Spray with Smart Straw, 8 oz. (Pack of 1)
WD-40 is a “Goo Remover” and can sometimes get under the superglue and lift it.
remember to clean and polish the counter after you remove the glue.  ,  Hopes Counter Top Polish 8oz - 2 pack: Home & Kitchen, and Granite Gold Granite Gold 24 ounce Polish .
Be careful and try to use super glue with old newspapers or a cardboard carton underneath the work!
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