Wednesday, November 22, 2017

If you were a celebrity, would you rather be followed by paparazzi or by potential criminals?

Alan Chenkin, Learned about celebrities reading magazines at the supermarket checkout

Paparazzi just want to sell your photographs. People considering criminal acts could do you a lot of harm. Besides, most paparazzi will back off after you let them have a 5-minute shoot, and leave you alone after that. Criminals have no such limitations. 
Many unethical Paparazzi behave like criminals, and truly deserve the angst of the celebrities who suffered at their hands.  Here is Prince William of England on Diana’s death, which was acerbated by the pressure of the Paparazzi, who were filming -NOT HELPING HER – as she died.

Now this is the safest option:
Paparazzi cutouts will never hurt you.

A criminal, who has paid his debt to society, would have more mercy and consideration than the paparazzi who were instrumental in Princess Diana’s death. (In my Humble Opinion)

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What do rich actors like Johnny Depp, Chris Pratt, Will Smith, etc. do in their free time?

by Alan Chenkin, Videographer who enjoys the Arts.

Despite what we see in Movies, Tabloids, and Social Media, Acting is a job. Most actors have Assistants, Agents, Fan clubs, appearances, making time to learn scripts, showing up on sets, etc. etc. Many make time for their families and significant others whenever they can, on weekends or planned vacations, or fly them to the set destination so they can have time together.
And, Fame being a fickle mistress, they spend a lot of time doing outrageous things - to keep themselves in front of the fans and the press!
Enjoy the show, on and off screen!

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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Do you know that free TBC (The Billion Coin) are being given away?

by Alan Chenkin, Owns some Bitcoin, was an active Bitcoin Miner.

Yes, it's true! Here are the details:
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Here is some good info on Coins (Cryptocurrency)
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Monday, November 20, 2017

Why won’t the left panel of a sliding window shut fully/properly unless it is locked?

Alan Chenkin, Lifelong Carpenter/Cabinetmaker, owned an AWI certified shop for 10 years.

Windows usually have some way of dealing with expansion, stress, and settling when installed; not to mention worn plastic and uneven dirt in the tracks! Loose windows are not uncommon, especially in older houses.
The latch forces the window into alignment, regardless of the other factors. when looking for a solution to the “loose” window, I recommend cleaning the tracks, removing the window, and seeing if any glides, spacers, or rub strips are worn or missing. Most hardware stores have replacement parts for common windows. Older windows frequently need a creative solution - sometimes an “old-school” handyman can figure out a good solution.
Best of luck!

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Why does wood shrink?

Wood shrinks in width. This is because it looses moisture (water) as it dries.Moisture content in lumber for framing houses is usually 19%, and furniture grade lumber is dried to 6–8% moisture content.
This illustrates how the grain direction further changes wood as it dries.[1]  (Note:  Wood in Long Lengths can shrink as well, but not as much)
Dimensional Changes - Wood changes
To detect the moisture in wood, you need one of these meters:
Enjoy your woodworking projects!!

Sunday, November 19, 2017

I broke the frame for my glasses and super glued it back together. I got some glue on the lens, though. How can I get it off?

Alan Chenkin, Uses glue all the time, for fun and woodworking projects

Normally I would suggest acetone or careful scraping, but DON’T DO THAT! Researching this answer taught me a few things.
Glass lenses can be cleaned with solvents, like alcohol and Acetone (nail polish remover) - but they may dent or damage the plastic frames! Use care, small amounts, and caution.  A little bit on the tip of a toothpick may do the trick.  Harsh chemicals may also remove any coatings on the glass, like anti-glare coatings or scratch resistant coatings.
Always try the least harmful methods first; soap and water, and possibly even a light oil (like cooking oil) can sometimes slowly loosen the glues hold and make it easy to pry off with a fingernail.  Acetone (the main ingredient in Nail Polish remover) is the preferred solvent for Super Glue, but use it sparingly and carefully!
Most of these methods take some time, so be patient!
Best answer: How to Remove Super Glue from Eye Glasses - how to clean stuff
So use this stuff with care, and tape over the places you don’t want to glue!!
Keep in mind that we sometimes forget that glasses don’t last forever - consider getting a new pair and keeping the broken/repaired one as a “backup” pair.  Sometimes your Eye Doctor or Eyeglass store (Even Costco or Sam’s club) can get you a discount “fix” on your glasses.  It’s worth a quick stop to ask them.

Best of luck!

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What kind of tape/adhesive can I use on walls?

Command Strips are the best. in my opinion.
They have adhesive strips, hooks, and velcro. Just make sure you use the right ones for what you are hanging, to ensure they can support the weight. I usually clean the wall first, so there is no grease or anything that will cause the command strip to fail. I buy them on Amazon, but you can get them at Home Depot, Lowes, Target, Ace, and other stores.
Because the command strips are not permanent, you can pull the adhesive off the wall when you move - with no damage.
If the wall is very smooth, you can use suction cup hooks.
Double sided tape should be used with care, as it may permanently adhere and cause problems when you try to remove the item (like pulling paint of the wall).
Enjoy decorating, it makes your house a home!