Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mortgages and Gas prices

Well, I just wanted to chime in on two items near and dear to our hearts.
First, the mortgage crisis is continuing, and has captured the attention of our presidential candidates, who want to adjust the defaulted mortgages to current home values. Obama had commented on this crisis, and McCain has stated that the faulty mortgages should be "rolled back to the current house values" (assuming the borrowers could still pay a mortgage, even at the reduced value).
This is a wonderful sign of progress, and I wish our candidates well in the quest to give true and earnest relief to the borrowers saddled with an unpayable mortgage loan.

Secondly, I have discovered a "Gas Club", where you can save 20% on your gasoline purchases with a prePaid gas card, backed by Visa. The founders of this business come from the prepaid phone card business, which was put out of business by free internet phone service. The site is www.gasclubnow.com - and I have joined to start putting 20% of my gas cost back in my pocket. The catch is that you can only buy $300 worth of cards each month. They told me it isn't for fuel oil, but I would start a "fuel oil club" in a New York minute.

Hoping this finds you warm and well, Alan
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