Tuesday, December 9, 2008

No Hunt for the Guilty?

Now that the economists have agreed that we have been IN A RECESSION for ONE YEAR, I am dumbfounded that there is no cry to punish, not bail out, but Punish the bankers and mortgage people who have fueled the "crisis" that is pushing us closer to the financial abyss than we could ever have imagined. Not to mention the folks behind $140 a barrel oil and $4 a gallon plus gasoline prices!

I am still reeling from the daily posting of financial destitution and lost jobs that the media show at every opportunity. There must be some justice for us, or are all these GW Bush's cronies and supporters, getting their last big hit before the democrats take over the reins of government?
It is shocking that there is no public outcry other than "wow, gas is under 2 bucks a gallon!".

Are we that shallow, after witnessing the Auto companies CEO parade swoop into Washington (on corporate jet$) with their tin cups out, begging for a bailout or else calamity will ensue? (note that Toyota, Nissan, and BMW did not join that begging party).

Seeing some backbone in Washington would be really nice, as I am fed up with artificial gas prices, lost job opportunities, and no punishment for the guilty parties who foisted this scam on us, allegedly the greatest country on the planet.

Next time you meet an elected official, thank them for keeping the status quo - Not only have we not cought Bin Laden, we have not gotten the criminals behind the gas prices, the mortgage mess, and the job crisis.

I hope you remember this, and keep it in mind at the next election.