Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Piracy on the High Seas - a Solution

As a student of history, and a recreational boater, I find the situation in Somalia of great concern. Somali pirates are seizing vessels by force, and charging multi-million dollar ransoms for the return of the ships.
President Obama's response to the situation was welcome, as Piracy is an unacceptable profession in today's world, except in Disney Movies.
My solution is this:
Conscript the pirates into the Somali Navy! Paint their boats in Somali colors, and give them uniforms. They are already decent mariners, and this gives them a form of recognition and a "regular" job. Second, have the merchant vessels pay for a formal escort by Somali Navy vessels through the (formerly) pirate-ridden seas. This will cost far less than ransoms, and give the Somali pirates an opportunity to join the world of commerce as defenders of the seas instead of scorned plunderers! And they will have regular pay to squander on Rum and Wenches when they return to port.
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