Monday, February 1, 2016

A quick Update..

Romance is never out of Season!

You can see the new Romance page I added to  Content Management is not without Passion!

Quora Update:
For those of you who follow me, I now have over 200,000 viewers on Quora  and have been actively engaging the Quora community with my expertise. I am now a most viewed writer (on Quora) on

Home Improvement
Slot Machines
Home Depot

And more to follow!

I am also active on the Taskrabbit Platform, as an "Elite Tasker".  Take a look at my reviews.

International Cyber Accelerator:
For those of you who know me through my work in the tech community, I am an active Technical Advisor to the International Cyber Accelerator.  The Accelerator is moving to Rockville, and  I am working to advance their work.  If you have a startup seeking B or C round funding, please feel free to contact me.



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