Sunday, December 31, 2017

What is the best homemade wood cutting machine?

Alan Chenkin, Owned a cabinet shop for 10 years, is an avid woodworker.

The best woodworking machine is one that gets the job done - Safely! If it has the amusing properties of a Rube Goldberg invention, even better!
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Why do famous people only date famous people?

By Alan Chenkin, Videographer who enjoys the Arts.

First of all, Famous people (aka Celebrities) don’t all date famous people. We hear more about celebrities dating each other when their publicists and the media and the paparazzi cover their dating habits. Here are some links that go both ways on this topic:
I hope your eyes have been opened on this, and you look beyond the fleeting fame and see that celebrities have the need for both famous dates and normal lives. Keeping them in perspective, well, that is a challenge.
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Saturday, December 30, 2017

What was your most devastating celebrity death?

Alan Chenkin, Learned about celebrities reading magazines at the supermarket checkout

Elvis, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Princess Diana, Marilyn Monroe, John Lennon,- all senseless and devastating to fans, and me. So sad, but they did leave the world with some amazing gifts.

I don’t think any were “less” devastating; All made an impact on us and our lives.

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Can Robert Downey Jr. or Chris Evans get enough time outside MCU to work on other movies which requires time to get into character?

By Alan Chenkin, Videographer who enjoys the Arts.

Both actors have enough time to work other projects, as the other answers attest. Many productions work around the actors availability, because of their cost per day of being in production, and contract demands.
It’s also smart to consider that these actors need the blockbuster films, for both fame and income - so that their brand will pull more fans into lesser-known productions. Both Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans mention this, and discuss being typecast as super-heroes:
Chris Evans - Bio on IMDB; Autographed memorabilia (Amazon), and Films to stream or buy. (Amazon).
Both actors have talked about retiring from their blockbuster superhero roles, but this may be a negotiating ploy (for more money or control over scripts/production schedules).[1] [2]
Note this observation:
Not every actor is Scarlett Johansson, who is under contract from Marvel while also appearing in three to four other movies a year. But even she admits, "It can feel like a gilded cage at times… it’s something that obviously allows you the opportunity to do things like go and direct your first feature and have a built-in audience for that. At the same time, at the end of the job, there’s always a super suit in your future." [3]
Actors also have a time constraint; Age, injury, and possible loss of audience/Fan base compel them to make as much work output as possible while they are at the top of their game. As an example, Drugs and a prison sentence sidelined Robert Downey Jr. to the point where he was considered out of the business. He has since paid his debt to society, and that adds to his attraction as a “Comeback” Kid:
In all probability, we will see both of these Blockbuster actors in front of, and behind, the camera for years to come. Thanks for reading my Blog!  Feel free to share!

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Friday, December 29, 2017

If someone has a potential to become an actor, what's the best way to start his/her journey?

Alan Chenkin, Videographer who enjoys the Arts.

We all have potential. If your potential is in the acting field, ACT!
Take classes. Audition for everything. Learn passages from works that you can memorize and use (at a moments notice) for impromptu auditions.
Develop a thick skin. Learn to value criticism, and use it to improve your abilities.
Break a leg!

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Did old school actresses like Joan Crawford really have their molars removed? And if yes, why?

By Alan Chenkin, Videographer who enjoys the Arts.

While it is no secret that stars did some serious dental work to maintain their famous smiles, I found some good background on this:
Joan Crawford’s Painful Legacy
Legendary Hollywood beauty Joan Crawford was plagued with dental problems. Undergoing a similar procedure as Dietrich and having teeth removed to accentuate her cheeks had left Crawford with ongoing problems. After the extraction, her front teeth were spaced out and filled with dentist’s cement before being filed down to be fitted with caps. This painful treatment left her uncomfortable and ultimately led to her gums becoming infected. Her whole mouth swelled up as a result of the infection and left her with a large upper lip which never returned to its normal size. She was pleased with this one side-effect and subsequently became known for her full and distinctive lips. Crawford enjoyed one of the longest and most successful careers Hollywood has ever seen but suffered with dental issues for the rest of her life. In her late 60s major dental surgery left her requiring round-the-clock medical care.[1][2] (Footnotes contain information on other actors too; I highlighted the quote as it directly answered the Joan Crawford part of the question).
The all-powerful studios of Hollywood were un-compromising in their quest for the perfect star. Many young actors and actresses were groomed, enhanced and tweaked beyond all recognition to ensure they fitted in with the studio executive’s idea of beauty. Some stars were expected to go further than others and Marlene Dietrich is believed to have had several molars removed to enhance her looks.[3]
As to why, that is very clear - the prettiest smiles can get the best roles and the biggest box office. Although one film stands out - Tom Hanks in “Cast Away”. (No spoiler, you should watch it as to why I included it).
May your smile never give you the troubles these stars have had!
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